Product Technologies


Providing superior quality of products is a core value at Athlon. Athlon strive to make advanced technology and product features at affordable price for our customers. Below are some technologies and features offered throughout the Athlon product lines:


E2ES System – a field flattening system that produces sharper, clearer images all the way from one lens edge to the other.


ED Glass – gives you an image with little or no chromatic fringe for the ultimate clearest and sharpest image.


ESP Dielectric Coating – a multi-layer prism coating that reflects over 99% of the light to your eyes thus bringing you a clear, bright image that displays accurate color reproduction.


Magnesium alloy chassis – a special alloy that consists of magnesium, aluminum and other elements gives you the strength of a metal chassis while reducing the weight as much as 30-40% and offering 40-50% higher strength comparing with typical aluminum materials.


XPL Coating – a layer of protective coating that gives you an extra protection on the exterior lenses from dirt, oil and scratches.


Phase Corrected Coating – a special coating on prism that produces images with better contrast, a higher resolution and better color reproduction.


Bak-4 glass prisms – reflects more light to your eyes which will give you a brighter and sharper image.


Advanced Fully Multi-Coated – a uniquely designed coating applied on all lens surfaces that gives better light transmission, allowing optimum brightness and true color across the entire light spectrum.


Locking Diopter – keeps the diopter adjustment knob from accidentally moving.


Close focus – an important feature for those who are nature observers and especially important if you are going to watch butterflies or insects.


Twist up eyecups – an intermediate stop that allow you to set the eyecups to the ideal eye relief for your eyes.


Waterproof –  protection from harsh weather conditions or if accidentally submerged underwater.


Argon Purging – gives better waterproofing and thermal stability than nitrogen.
Aircraft grade aluminium – offers greater strength than regular aluminum.

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