The importer of Athlon products in Australia is CR Kennedy in Melbourne.

C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd are the sole authorised Australian distributors for Brands appearing on Hunting Depot. Parallel and Grey Imports are described as product imported directly into a country by a company or persons other than the manufacturer’s authorised distributor in that country.

  1. C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd does not provide any warranty or guarantee for parallel /grey imports. They will not honour any warranty /guarantee supplied by the manufacturer.
  2. C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd. operate in a global market place. The lines represented in Australia are globally competitive in price. The savings by purchasing from parallel/grey importers are small. The risks are great. GST and import taxes are in place for products imported into Australia.
  3. NVT will only accept products for warranty consideration that have been purchased from NVT Pty Ltd 
  4. Do not send any products to NVT or CR Kennedy without prior approval.
  5. Items received without approval will be returned to the consumer
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